Make the switch to Estatements

Save Time. Save Trees. Switch to E-Statements.

Make the switch to E-statements. With White Eagle E-Statements, you’ll have secure, convenient access to your statements whenever you need them, plus you’ll avoid the time-consuming hassle of maintaining and storing paper records. Your statements will look just like they would if you received them by mail, and you’ll receive them via email on the first day of each month.

  • E-Statements are presented in PDF format, so they’ll be easy to read on any device.
  • You’ll have access to previous statements via our WEOnline Services for easy reference.
  • Best of all, since they’re paperless, signing up for E-Statements is an environmentally responsible choice.

Login to the WEOnline Services to sign up for E-Statements today!

2021 Spring Sweepstakes

This Spring, tidy up how you bank for a chance to win $1,000 with the 2021 Spring Sweepstakes.

Spring is the perfect time to clean up your finances and give them a fresh start.  And as part of our Spring Sweepstakes, you’re entered for a chance to win $1,000 for every qualifying transaction you make made between April 01 through May 31, 2021.

Qualifying Transactions
  • WEPay – Add and pay a new Bill Pay payee with WEPay.  Manage and pay your bills online or from your WEOnline Services and mobile app.
  • eBill:  Activate a new eBill.  Request and use this electronic version of your bill to easily view, manage and pay your bills right from your Bill Pay account.
  •  PopMoney.  Add and pay a new PopMoney.  PopMoney is a quick and easy solution for sending, receiving and requesting money from other people, all from the convenience of your online banking account.
  • External Transfers:  Add and complete an inbound transfer from a new external account. A fast and simple way to move money into your primary bank account, even from another financial institution.

To learn more about this sweepstakes and sweepstake rules, please visit: 


Paying Down Credit Card Debt

Just when you thought 2020 was devoid of good news for Americans – here is a small financial reason to smile! U.S. consumers paid down a record amount of credit card debt this past year.

Tips to paying down credit card debtWEBudget

Paying off credit card debt can seem daunting – especially if you’ve amassed quite a bit. But with determination and some solid advice, living credit-card-debt free is possible. Here are some tips from to get started in the right direction:

  1. Get organized – Gather all the information for every card on which you’re carrying a balance. Note the balances, interest rates, due dates and minimum payment for each card. Add up all the minimum payments on each of your credit cards to determine how much you must pay each month just to stay on top of credit card bills.
  2. Consider paying off the card with the highest APR first –Try boosting your payments on the card with the highest APR and paying the minimums on the remaining cards. Once that card is paid off, move on to the card with the next highest APR.
  3. Or consider paying off the card with the lowest balance first –This may be a method that’s easier to stick to for those who have a difficult time staying motivated without quick gratification. Enjoy the feeling of paying off that lowest balance – then keep paying off from there!
  4. Create a budget –If you’re not spending within your means, you’ll likely never be able to pay down debt.  Create a budget that works for you, leaving wiggle room to pay down that credit card debt. WEBudget is the perfect tool that shows your spending and allows you to create your budget.  Check it out in WEOnline Services.
  5. Be realistic – It’s important to remember that you still need to spend money on necessities (food, clothes, rent, etc.). So be realistic about how much you can put toward your credit card debt each month.
  6. Schedule Payments – You can schedule ongoing payments in WEPay.  You set the dates and amounts. Making it easier to stay ahead and payoff items quicker.