Looking to Build or Rebuild Your Credit? A Share Secured Loan from WECU is a Great Option to Help You Establish or Rebuild Your Credit.

With a Share Secured Loan from WECU, you are essentially using your own savings as the collateral. Instead of using all your savings to make a purchase, thus losing out on all future dividends and your emergency safety net, you are borrowing against that amount in your savings.

You borrow an amount up to the total balance in your WECU Share Account, instead of using your credit score, to back up the loan. This loan type is a good opportunity to rebuild your credit, because even if you have poor credit history, you have a good chance of qualifying. And if you don’t have any credit history, this loan will give you that start.

When you pay your monthly payments on time, you will begin building your credit score. The loan is reported to the credit bureaus. By establishing good credit, you will have an easier time achieving your financial goals whether that’s buying a car, purchasing a home or opening a credit card.

* Rate is 3.00% higher than the dividend rate on the shares or share certificate that is being pledged as collateral.

Example: $5,000 at 3.10% for 48 months = $110.91 per month. $10,000 at 3.10% for 60 months = $180.16 per month.

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