2021 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 White Eagle Scholarship Winners.  We would also, like to you thank all the applicants that applied for our 2021 Scholarships.   We have a committee that reviews all scholarship applications to make sure the selected recipient meets our Scholarship Guidelines.

The Recipient must demonstrate exceptional character, community involvement, an interest in school activities and the potential for academic success.  A grade-point average of no less than 3.00 is highly recommended but not required for application.  The recipient must be planning to attend a 2– year community college or an accredited 4-year university as a full-time student.

This year’s 2021 Scholarship Winners are as follows:

Andover High School = Hannah Kintzel

Andover Central High School = Josie Brooks

Augusta High School = Tiffany Hilton

Bluestem High School = Kiona Brown

Circle High School = Emily Houck

Douglass High School = Savannah Edmonds

El Dorado High School = Trinity Lawrence

Flint Hills High School = Matison Totty

Newton High School = Shelby Spreier

Remington High School = Asher Brown

Rose Hill High School = Bryson Evans


Annual Meeting Drawing Winner

Flint Hills High School = Kylee Weis