Lobbies are open

Our lobbies are open.  Welcome back!  We have missed you!

We have opened our lobbies with precautions and we are encouraging our members to still use our drive-thru services. Before entering the lobby there will be a sign posted as below.  Please read before entering. 😀 Thank you for being such awesome members. We appreciate you!!

  • DRIVE THRU:  Please use our drive-thru for as many transactions as possible.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Please wait on one of the dots on the floor until your turn.  If dots are full, we will take your phone number and ask for you to wait in  your car until your turn.
  • WEAR A MASK:  We wear masks to keep you and our staff protected.  We encourage you to wear one and have masks readily available for you too.
  • CLEAN AND DISINFECT: We will continue to follow proper cleaning protocol of our facilities, ATMs, electronics and soft surfaces. Hand sanitizers are available for your use.
  • COIN MACHINE is UNAVAILABLE at this time.
  • BATHROOMS are CLOSED to the public and members at this time.
  • SICK?  If you are experiencing any symptoms or ill, please use our drive-thru and/or WEOnline banking services -.  Do not come into the lobby.

Thank you!!

Stop! Read before entering Lobby Sign

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