White Eagle’s Skip-a-Payment Program is here!

White Eagle’s Skip-a-Payment Program is here!

What is everyone checking out on their phones?  It’s the White Eagle’s 2019 Back to School Skip-a-Payment Program.  When you are short on cash this year and have a loan at White Eagle you have the opportunity to skip your August loan payment on qualified loans.  This includes all WECU loans except first mortgages and/or fixed rate second mortgages.


  • You must be current on all loans and have made at least one payment on your loan(s).
  • You must have good loan payment history and be in good standing on all WECU accounts.

If approved:

  • No late fees will be added to your loan and your regular payment will resume the following month on your regularly scheduled payment date.
  • Loan interest will continue to accrue and will be collected with your next payment.
  • A $25.00 processing fee will be charged for each loan payment advanced or 10% of the payment amount, whichever is less.

**Credit Life and Disability Insurance, GAP Insurance or warranties may be affected, if you choose to defer payments on loans with any of those coverages.  For more details, visit with a loan officer today!

Download your application today and get it turned in!

 Back to School Skip a Payment – Fillable

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